Butter Chicken

$24.00- Serves 2

This classic Royal Indian dish combines gentle, warming spices and a creamy texture to win over hearts and stomachs. We start by making a smooth paste that combines garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, garam masala, roasted cashews and yoghurt. We stir bite-sized chunks of chicken through the marinade and leave it to fully absorb the flavours. To cook, we char the chicken a little before finishing the sauce with tomato and coconut water. A topping of coriander, chilli and spinach adds colour. Dress it with extra yoghurt and cashews before serving.

We love this dish with Bigibila Harmony for the perfect soft, rich flavours.

We deliver this with rice as a side dish but you can add a Andrew Thomas Semillion or Bigibila Harmony wine to complete this meal.



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Heating Instructions

We deliver this dish with two components;

Butter Chicken; Pour the contents of the stand up pouch into a saucepan and gently re-heat on the stove on a moderate heat.

Rice: Bring a pan of water to boil and add the uncooked rice, cook until tender, approx 5-8 mins and then drain.

Serve the butter chicken on a bed of rice.

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