Our Story

My family loves weekends away and with two young children, we tend to seek out cute, self-contained country cottages. Self-catering works best for us; we can easily fix the kids a quick meal, they can make as much noise and mess as they like without having us rein them in all the time, and best of all, my husband and I can drink our fill of wine over dinner while the kids are asleep!

On the drive home after a weekend away recently, my husband starting musing about how amazing our weekend had been, how lucky we’d been with the house, how quick it had been to walk to the beach, and how relaxed he felt, when it dawned on me that I didn’t. Feel relaxed, that is. I felt resentful. My weekend had been spent driving to and from the grocery shop, cooking meals and tidying the kitchen. I didn’t feel relaxed or recharged at all. I felt exhausted.

My husband’s great. He’s kind, supportive and an amazing dad to our two children. But no matter how hard we try, when we go away, the lion’s share of the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking still seems to fall on me. And my frustration doesn’t stop there. I resent having to buy pantry items, stuff I already have in the cupboard at home. If we eat out, we’re on a pre-schooler’s time and at the behest of a toddler who seems to thrive on his mini meltdowns. I don’t have anything against ordering in a takeaway but it’s not always possible to get deliveries, and I don’t want to eat it every night we’re away.

I figured if I felt like this, surely others did too. And I started dreaming about weekends away in cute country cottages where on my arrival the fridge was already stacked with tasty, healthy home-cooked meals that needed only to be reheated come dinner time; where there was a delicious selection of wines on the sideboard and everything I needed for a cheeseboard in the making.

That’s the story of how Dinner Is Served was born. It’s not just about buying meals; it’s about everyone, especially you, getting more out of your family holiday and having the time to pour a glass of wine, enjoy the sunset, read a book or even just to stare into space. Of course, now I’ve started Dinner Is Served, I don’t have any time for that. But I hope you do.

Claudia - Founder - Dinner Is Served
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Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading meal delivery service provider across Australia, delivering to holiday destinations in each state and with a reputation for delighting customers by providing freshly prepared family meals, outstanding Australian food and wine to holiday self-service accommodation across Australia.

Our values

What We Believe In

Dinner Is Served Delicious Food & Wine

Delicious Food & Wine

Life is short. Let’s eat well and drink well.
Dinner Is Served Be Kind


Working to protect the planet.
Dinner Is Served Love Local

Love Local

Local ingredients + local chefs = magic.
Dinner Is Served Be Kind

Being Kind

The most important superpower.
Dinner Is Served Family Time

Family Time

It goes so fast. Let's spend it having fun.
Dinner Is Served Be Kind

Me Time

The days are long. Love yourself too.
Dinner Is Served Love Women

Love Women

Busy looking after everyone else. Let us look after you.
Dinner Is Served Convenience


Simple to order and we deliver. Let's make things easy.
Dinner Is Served Flexible Work & Technology

Flexible Work & Technology

Let’s say goodbye to 9-5 and the metro office.


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