Dinner Is Served

You’re tired, hungry, and probably just looking for the nearest pizza place (Mario’s Mineshaft btw: awesome!) before dragging your jelly-like legs to the shower and into bed. Why not think about treating yourself after your stellar efforts on the mountain tomorrow? Restaurant quality food and appetisers delivered directly to you or centrally available for pickup, ready to heat, serve and eat.

Simply choose your desired meals, wine and more from our extensive and delicious range, select your arrival or preferred delivery date at least 48 hours in advance - and Dinner Is Served will do all the rest for you.

Arrive at your holiday destination (or home!) and relax, knowing that all of your fresh, healthy meals are ready to heat and eat, expertly prepared by our local chefs and made responsibly from the best of our regional ingredients. 

Ultra convenient, no queues, no chopping, no wastage. Let Dinner is Served take all of the boring bits away and let you focus on being the star of your own holiday show - delicious meals ready to heat, eat and be praised for.