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Dinner is served…….how does it work?

19 Aug 2017 no comments Claudia Categories BlogTags , ,

Meals, wine and more……. directly to your (holiday) door

The question we get asked the most is ‘so how does it work?’, so we thought we’d try and explain in a little more detail how it works.

If you’ve read our story you’ll know that we wanted to create a service that allowed parents with young children a way to conveniently feed their families great food while they’re on holiday as a way of giving women more time to relax on family holidays.

In Australia we are extraordinarily lucky to have access to some of the most beautiful and diverse countryside, a couple of hours drive from Sydney will get you to incredible surf coastlines, mountains and wine country. Self service accommodation has always been a popular choice for accommodation due to the access and choice available, and the disruptive rise of AirBnB and Stayz has seen this trend increase exponentially.

For families, self-service is a great choice. It’s affordable, you can spread out with all of the junk that children require, and unlike hotel rooms, no one can hear the kids (or you!) scream.

The downside of this is that you have to bring all your food and drink with you, which involves a lot of planning in advance or a hefty bill at the supermarket as you have to buy full size of everything to create even simple meals. Eating out is an option, but with a ticking toddler time bomb at 5pm, it’s not that much fun for Mum and Dad…..and even if you could eat take-away every night, there’s not always that much choice in some places.

So, we pictured a service that would allow families to spend time together enjoying their holiday, as opposed to heading to the local supermarket and then chopping and cooking.

We wanted the food to be delicious, easy to cook and made locally, but we also felt that if we were going to suggest that you don’t need to go to the supermarket to get the ingredients for dinner, we should make sure you really didn’t have to go to the supermarket at all if you so chose, so we added our pantry items such as bread, milk, bacon and eggs.

Then, as we pictured families frolicking together enjoying themselves, the reality of spending time with children kicked in: so we added The Drinks Cabinet (you’re welcome).

With wine now on the menu, it would be a sin not to provide all the lovely things that go so well with it like cheese, nuts, olives….

And to really make sure that you spend your time doing what you love with who you love, we deliver to your door.

Where possible, we deliver your meals prior to your arrival – and voila! Your meals, wine and cheese are waiting for you in the fridge when you arrive: allowing you to sit back, relax and say,”Dinner Is Served”.

Claudia & Kati